Dark knight trilogy review

dark knight trilogy review

Robbie Collin reviews the third and final instalment of Christopher Nolan's Batman films The Dark Knight Rises. Critics Consensus: The Dark Knight Rises is an ambitious, thoughtful, and potent action film that concludes . July 20, | Rating: C+ | Full Review Rating ‎: ‎PG (for intense sequences of violen. Review: Stunning Conclusion to an Epic Trilogy - Not being a huge fan of superhero Will the same happen with the 3rd and last film, "The Dark Knight Rises "?. Home Top Rated Movies Box Office TV Coming Soon Site Index Search In Theaters. Thanks for popping up the MAIN criminal at the end of the movie, who apparently had the hots for Batman. John from United States 16 July John from United States 16 July Add to that helplessness of Alfred portrayed superbly by Caine. Christian Bale as a good Bruce Wayne and Batman. Film What Neil Simon's The Odd Couple so charming is the comic interplay between Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. A 2hr 30min movie and one hell of a movie! Metro-Goldwyn-MayerUniversal Studiosand so on. Daniel Sunjata as Captain Jones. Revenge of the Electric Car — review. It details the birth and death of a civilization in five stages: I really, really, really, really, really, really wanted to not just like this, but LOVE it, but as it progressed the enthusiasm cloud gradually cleared to the point of my being utterly flabberghasted in disappointment- mostly because I can't believe the director of The Dark Knight and the masterpiece that is Inception was responsible for this movie. I think that's not how the body works. The terror caused by him, is completely believable and quite menacing. The movie connects all the dots from the previous movies and provides a fitting end to the saga. Mirroring that downward spiral, reliable Batman pal Commissioner Gordon Gary Oldman novoline gewinn system been downgraded by Gotham City fat cats to the status of a reckless warmonger in peacetime. On either side of The Dark Knight , Nolan made The Prestige and Inception , films of exceptional brilliance, more individual in being free of the particular expectations of a franchise, but still pursuing personal preoccupations about identity, masks and lethal, morally confused games that also figure in the Batman films. I am huge fan of first two installment of Batman Trilogy and I liked DKR. I felt it, hero and villain alike. A pity about the dialogue, but I'm sure something can be done about it, and maybe it works in the Imax form for which it was made. But, a major surprise was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrays an ordinary police officer and pulls of an unexpectedly awesome performance. USA Today Claudia Puig Jul 18, Film 50 great quotes about acting. Dent has been enshrined as a martyr, held up as an immaculate defender of law-and-order absolutism. A strong plot, awesome cast and overall I was extremely impressed. There will be no spoilers here and if the impulse to spoil yourself before watching the film is too excruciating to bear, remember this, it'll be the equivalent of Selina Kyle robbing you blind. The biggest surprise may just be how satisfying Nolan has made his farewell to a Dark Knight trilogy that many fans will wish he'd extend to a part series, at least. Action , Adventure , Drama , Thriller , Crime.

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