The meaning of volatility

the meaning of volatility

Watch out when a situation becomes volatile — it is likely to change for the worse suddenly. If you and your best friend have a volatile relationship, you. volatile Bedeutung, Definition volatile: likely to change suddenly and unexpectedly or suddenly become violent or angry. Definition of volatility: Chemistry: Rate at which a chemical will evaporate. Volatility increases with temperature and decreases with pressure. Latin for, to fly. Broker-dealer Day trader Floor broker Floor trader Investor Market maker Proprietary trader Quantitative analyst Regulator Stock trader. Hot on the Web Income Tax Return GST GST Rates NPS Sensex Today Gold Rate Today IFSC Code Sensex Live Ravi Shastri RBI Moto E4 Plus Honor 8 Pro Services Book print ads Online shopping Matrimonial Astrology Jobs Tech Community Property Buy car Bikes in India Free Classifieds Send money to India Used Cars Restaurants in Delhi Remit to India Buy Mobiles Listen Songs News TimesMobile Real Estate Developers Restaurant Deals in Delhi Car Insurance Gadgets Now Free Business Listings CouponDunia Remit2India Techradar AliveAR Getsmartapp App ETMoney Finance App Feedback Manage Notifications. Average directional index A. Volatility, as expressed as a percentage coefficient within option-pricing formulas, arises from daily trading activities. It is calculated as the standard deviation from a certain continuously compounded return over a given period of time.

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Volatility=Opportunity Yield is a measure of cash flow that an investor is getting on the money invested in a security. Block trade Cross listing Dark liquidity Dividend Dual-listed company DuPont analysis Efficient frontier Flight-to-quality Haircut Initial public offering Margin Market anomaly Market capitalization Market depth Market manipulation Market trend Mean reversion Momentum Open outcry Public float Public offering Rally Returns-based style analysis Reverse stock split Share repurchase Short selling Slippage Speculation Stock dilution Stock market index Stock split Trade Uptick rule Volatility Voting interest Yield. Favorite Button CITE Translate Facebook Share. That is, during some periods, prices go up and down quickly, while during other times they barely move at all. Published by Houghton Mifflin. Volatility drogendealer spiel measured by calculating the standard deviation of the annualized returns over a given period of time. Free Tools For surfers: Dictionary Term Of The Day. Coppock curve Ulcer index. Work With Investopedia About Us Advertise With Us Write For Us Contact Us Careers. She wanted much of the gaiety, but with it the volatility of her younger sister. Got a query on GST? An economic term to describe the inputs that are used in the production of goods Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 5. Sense of "readily changing, fickle" is first recorded s. In chemistry, volatility means the speed with which a substance changes from solid to liquid, liquid to vapor, and so on. Here's how you can fix it. The formulas used above to convert returns or volatility measures from one time period to another assume a particular underlying model or process. Electronic communication network List of stock exchanges Opening times Multilateral trading facility Over-the-counter. Management buyout MBO is a bonus stargames of acquisition where a group led by people in the current management of a company buy out majority of the shares from existing shareholders and take control of the company. Sign up, it's free! The empirical volatility-growth relationship: He brushed the dirt off his breeches He brushed the dirt off his breaches. Dictionary Term Of The Day. Sie können verwandte Wörter, Ausdrücke und Synonyme in den folgenden Themen finden: Ambiguity in law, execution problems may dilute RERA effectiveness.

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